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Baltimore, MD


Janice Ingson is a yoga teacher in the Baltimore, Maryland area.


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Client Testimonials

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

-Maya Angelou

People love to talk.  Here are some of the nicer things they've said.


"Janice is one of my favorite yoga teachers and people in general. Her instruction is clear and detailed, yet leaves space for me to find poses in my own body. She's very good at knowing how to guide each person into a pose in a way that works specifically for them, and creates a really warm, safe and vibrant space to hold her students when she teaches. Learning from her is a big part of why I decided to teach yoga. She is impactful and accessible - the perfect combo in a yoga teacher!"

-Jessica, Baltimore, Maryland


"Janice's class is inviting, encouraging, uplifting and challenging.‬ She has a keen ability to assess the level and interest of the class and push them to the next level of their practice. Janice connects with students on a personal level. She describes intimidating technical postures to beginners with ease and makes them feel comfortable."

 - Dave, Baltimore, Maryland


"I look forward to Janice's classes because of her lighthearted and down-to-earth approach. She uses humor and encouragement (her mantra: come on, just try it. why not?) to get students to feel comfortable to test boundaries and to grow. With advanced students, Janice takes the students through asana sequences that create an amazing collective energy in the room.  Her cues are great, and her adjustments are as light as air.  Janice rocks." 

- Jon B., Baltimore Maryland


" I started Yoga in hope of finding mental and physical relief; my back problems and stressful job were taking their toll. Because I had never done Yoga before I was pretty hesitant about joining a class, but Janice was very friendly and before I knew it I was in her practice doing the best Savasana in the room! Janice provides quality instructions, inspiring energy, and a comfortable atmosphere that creates an amazing yoga experience. After practicing three times a week for a couple months, my back pain is less frequent and I am way more relaxed. Thank you Janice!"

Scott H, Baltimore, Maryland


"Thank you so much for class! I literally always feel like I'm floating when I leave your classes. Your style of teaching is such a huge inspiration to me!!! Thanks Janice!"

- Ashley, Baltimore, Maryland


"I was so impressed with your energy and the way you handled the class. I am new-ish at yoga and the experience of being in your class confirmed for me that there are teachers out there who really want the same things out of this practice that I do (and aren't afraid to talk about it). "

- Jake, Baltimore, Maryland


"Awesome noon class at Charm City today.  I was the one with the Colorado bottle.  I thought your pace and extra emphasis on staying in the present moment were delightful...thanks for that!"

- Andrew, Houston, TX


"Janice displays a  knowledge and professionalism that I felt have been missing with some of the  other instructors. Regardless of class size or variations in ability, Janice is far & away the  most adept (yoga instructor I’ve worked with) at making everyone feel welcome,  comfortable and helping us all improve our practice. Her classes were always more than just a workout or meditation - she has a truly exceptional  ability to merge these elements of spirituality and fitness to provide a  fantastic experience."

- James, Vail, Colorado