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Baltimore, MD


Janice Ingson is a yoga teacher in the Baltimore, Maryland area.


About Steven

Steven and Janice are committed to sharing their gifts as founding partners of
Bee Balanced Therapies.


steven bumbry

I spent my first 25 years chasing my childhood dream – to become a Major League Baseball player.

At a young age, I dedicated my life to being the best athlete that I could be – in 2009, I achieved that childhood dream when I signed a contract to play baseball for the Baltimore Orioles.

When my baseball career ended abruptly in 2014, doctors told me I had to find a new way of taking care of myself.

I spent two years experimenting with dozens of healing therapies, both traditional and alternative, before deciding to become a yoga teacher in 2016.

My current passion is to share and teach lifestyle practices that serve as a reminder to live balanced lives that promote complete mind, body, and spirit wellness.  

Today, I offer the gifts of Yoga, Massage Therapy and Mindset Coaching to guide clients towards living optimal lives.