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Baltimore, MD


Janice Ingson is a yoga teacher in the Baltimore, Maryland area.



"Make every pose an offering to God."  - Sri Dharma Mittra

"Make every pose an offering to God."  - Sri Dharma Mittra

It would be accurate to say that I am inspired, to some degree, by most people I meet and by most experiences I am blessed to have.  That said, I won't list it all.  How could I?  
please Just know that, if we have met and talked, you have made a difference in my life.

Here are some people, places and things that have helped make me a better me:

Vital Yoga, Denver, Colorado

Rachel Nelson, Revolution Power Yoga, Avon, Colorado

Pete Guinosso, Pete G Yoga, SF Bay Area

Kathleen Holm, YogaFlow SF

Max Strom, author and teacher

Lululemon Athletica (Especially The Mall in Columbia location)

Shela Ingson, my amazing mother, who is a shining example of love and generosity

Chupa Nelson, Town of Vail Pioneer and founder of RA Nelson Construction, Vail, CO

Regina Zwilling, friend and teacher

Princess Gracie Mae Piggums, my angel dog/teacher

Diana Scherr, Master of Everything She Does, Minturn, CO

I have some great friends who do some really cool things too.  Take a look:

lean life revolution ( - 

Lean Life Revolution is devoted to bringing you the best, most relevant, and highest quality information on the internet to connect you to the body you've always wanted but until now seemed out of reach. Using years of tried and true training and nutrition strategies, Lean Life Revolution provides you with simple solutions to help you to start getting in serious shape, and stop wasting time and money with fitness magazine tear-outs and outdated workout DVDs. Lean Life Revolution is a movement promoting a focus on training, results, and constant self-improvement. We are about progress, not perfection, and welcome exercisers of any level to join us to reach a level of physical development previously reserved for the fitness elite. If you're ready for the kind of results you've only dreamed of, then you're in luck, because the revolution is here.  

Max Strom (  -

Seriously.  Go to his website.  Buy his books (Find them on the list below.)  The information he shares will change your life. 


Here are some awesome books you might like:


A Life Worth Breathing - Max Strom

There is No App for Happiness -  Max Strom 

Radical Acceptance - Tara Brach 

The Gifts of Imperfection - Brene Brown 

The Exquisite Risk (Daring to Live an Authentic Life) - Mark Nepo

The Untethered Soul (the journey beyond yourself) - Michael A. Singer 

Yoga Beyond Belief - Ganga White


Oh my goodness, there are so many more, but that's a good start for you!