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Baltimore, MD


Janice Ingson is a yoga teacher in the Baltimore, Maryland area.


Cape May Yoga in Cape May, NJ

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Cape May Yoga in Cape May, NJ

Join Janice for a two special classes in the amazing shore town of Cape May!

Friday 4/14/17
Candlelight Flow & Restore  $35

Join Janice for a lovely healing practice that includes a gentle vinyasa practice (Flow), as an opportunity to more deeply connect to the rhythm of your breath.  Poses will focus on shoulder opening, heart opening, hips and twists… places where we humans generally carry tension. This will give you the opportunity to use your breath as a tool to relax and open throughout your body.
After the flow, Janice offers a restorative sequence (Restore) that will encourage you to soften and allow the props to support you, while you allow your breath to nourish and heal your body and spirit. 
Deep connection to breath, release tension and stress, restoration and rejuvenation.  You will move into your weekend with a sense of peace and lightness.  This is a class unlike many others. 

Saturday 4/15/17
1-Day Yoga Immersion  $75

You’ve been practicing yoga for awhile, you know it’s a powerful thing, and you want to know more!
The purpose of this Immersion is to provide students with a firm foundation and a solid understanding of the principles and practices of yoga. This class serves those looking to explore the profound practices of yoga and offers something for all levels.
You already know that yoga has profound potential to transform your life for the better. Perhaps you've had a glimpse of yoga's benefits, like a sense of contentment, stress reduction, or increased flexibility and balance in your body-mind
This immersion is designed to take your personal yoga practice to the next level and to develop your understanding of the deeper concepts of yoga. The class will serve those looking to explore and weave the transformative practices of yoga and meditation into daily life in order to fully experience those concepts on a personal level.

Here’s some stuff we’ll do:
We will chant OM and discuss its power.
We will provide an overview of yoga philosophy, with a brief synopsis of the Yoga Sutras.
We will discuss chakras, bandhas and mudras.
We will include practices of asana, pranayama and meditation.

Doesn’t that sound incredible?!  

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