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Baltimore, MD


Janice Ingson is a yoga teacher in the Baltimore, Maryland area.


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Yoga & Inspired Writing

With Janice Ingson and Laura Solomon.
Hosted at Main Street Yoga in Ellicott City, Maryland.

Cost: $30

Please join Janice Ingson and Laura Solomon for an inspirational blend of vinyasa and restorative practice, writing with a series of guided poetry prompts, and sharing of our writing and wisdom.  
The yoga practice for this class has been created to help balance the second chakra, swadisthana chakra, where, energetically, our creativity resides. We will focus mainly on hip opening poses during this practice, in an effort to free creative energy.
The writing portion of our workshop will focus on a series of fun, simple prompts designed to help us unearth our inner selves. Everyone is a writer and will enjoy writing poetry with these fun prompts.  
Participants will come away from this workshop inspired physically, mentally, and spiritually with a deeper awareness of themselves and others.