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Baltimore, MD


Janice Ingson is a yoga teacher in the Baltimore, Maryland area.



About Janice Ingson

Janice was born and raised in Maryland, then moved to Colorado, where she lived happily and actively for well over a decade.  In Vail, Colorado, Janice was finally introduced to the practice of yoga that she had only read about in a book she'd found in a Baltimore thrift shop, years prior.  

Initially, she practiced with a dvd (Rodney Yee), and enjoyed it very much.  Then a friend took her to a yoga studio where Janice fell in love with a more active practice of vinyasa yoga.  Seven years later, Janice was offered an opportunity to attend a yoga teacher training, and the stars aligned so that she was able to attend.  Having been introduced to the philosophy of yoga through some amazing teachers, her reverence for the practice was so great, and she simply wanted more in-depth knowledge about this practice that had changed her life.  She had no intention of ever teaching something that she was certain was bigger than she could ever fully comprehend.  

That said, she got certified to be a teacher in 2007, and was fully supported by her community of fellow practitioners and teachers to teach yoga.  For this, she will be forever grateful.

Janice's initial YTT was through YogaWorks, and she went on to complete Ana Forrest's Advanced Teacher Training.  She has been very fortunate to study and practice with numerous remarkable yoga teachers, all over the place, and feels so blessed for all of her experiences.

To Janice, teaching yoga is a "real job", and she is proud and honored to be sharing such a fantastic healing tool with anyone interested in learning. 

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Janice Ingson